R22 Replacement

After 31st December 2009 it will be illegal to use virgin HCFC's for the maintenance and servicing of refrigeration and air conditioning. As R22 is an HCFC, any business operation air conditioning systems that use R22 will therefore be affected and should act to avoid being caught out.

Doing nothing isn't an option: Do nothing and you run the risk of having to pay over-inflated maintenance costs or worse still, being left without your air conditioning as the demand for skilled labour inevitable exceeds the supply.

Be wise and plan ahead: Consider the options that best suit your individual needs and plan ahead accordingly to ensure that you are able to react to the phasing out of R22 in a controlled and cost-effective manner. As more and more people begin to realise the need to react to the ban on R22, stocks will diminish, prices are set to rise and skilled labour may be harder to come by as the demand to replace increases.

Further information on full or partial upgrades, how replace technology can minimise cost and disruption or details of our range of air conditioning and advanced controls, please contact your local sales office or visit The Case For Replace website.

Call us now on 01603 700565 to discuss your options for your R22 replacement.

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