F Gas

The European F-Gas Regulation is unquestionably the most politicised issue in the world of air conditioning and refrigeration.

Ever since the Kyoto Protocol of 1997, HFC refrigerants - such as R134a, 407c and 410A - and their supporters have been fighting a rear-guard action. HFCs sit in a 'basket' of a number of fluorinated (hence 'F') greenhouse gases, whose emissions along with carbon dioxide, are controlled and monitored by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

As with most pieces of legislation, the weight of responsibility for the F-Gas Regulation will fall on the end user. They will have the legal liability to ensure the refrigerant does not leak and is recovered properly during servicing and replacement of cooling systems.

They will also have a clear duty of care to closely monitor all equipment on their premises that uses more than 3kg of refrigerant.

In practice, this will mean ensuring all refrigeration and air conditioning plant is properly monitored and maintained by fully qualified contractors.

All engineers employed by Eyre AC are fully qualified with City & Guilds 2079 to undertake your annual leak checking and carrying out all your F Gas requirements.

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